Creating a statement e-commerce store for premium appliance brand Dunavox. Creating a statement e-commerce store for premium appliance brand Dunavox.
the Mission

Project Overview

Dunovox is brand with statement in a competitive kitchen appliance sector, featuring strong typographic branding and premium products with luxurious materials at the heart. However, I thought their website wasn’t quite living up to the expectations I had for the brand after discovering them. I decided to see how far I could push their brand and see how much of a statement I could create.


Website UX/UI


Website Design

Re-establishing the statement of the Dunavox brand to compete in a competitive appliance sector.

With luxury brands such as Gaggenau, the appliance sector has become increasingly lifestyle inspired. Requiring brands to create a real statement to invest their consumers into, even more so for e-commerce with high street chains taking a large amount of the profit. JW designer set the task of creating an engaging statement website, to evolve the brand Dunavox. With a wealth of rich content and custom iconography to use, creating the right layout and typographic statement was imperative. The original site typography looked cheap, certainly not the right look for a premium brand trying to compete with Gaggenau, who claim the most sought after wine coolers in the sector. The uses strictly sharp lines and a mixture of squared and rectangular containers for all content. Featuring the default user flow for e-commerce, ending with custom mini-basket, full basket and checkout styling.